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Specialist in relcaiming care fees

Care Fees 4U's solicitor specialises in reclaiming Care Home Fees for people that have wrongly paid.
Families are having to sell their homes to pay for care however they are not aware they may be entitled to FREE care.

Every person requiring long-term care should be individually assessed for their medical and health needs and not their ability to pay. If the primary reason a person is in a care home is because of their health needs, then the NHS is responsible for the care home fees under a scheme known as Continuing Healthcare. However, very few people are aware of this scheme and there is little information available for individuals when researching care home funding.

Statistics suggest that 3 in 4 people are wrongly assessed and many thousands of people are never assessed by the NHS at all.

If you or your loved ones have had to pay for care since 2012 and you would like to know if you are eligible for a refund then contact us and our solicitor will provide a FREE consultation. We deal with many claims and can provide a No Win No Fee service so that there is no risk.

  • Free consultation with a solicitor
  • No Win No Fees
  • Specialist solicitors

Why do we reclaim care fees?

There have been too many incidents where people have had to sell their home to pay for care. In a lot of these cases, it has been hard working people who have paid their taxes and National Insurance contributions throughout their life who have been hit the hardest.

At Care Fees 4U, we believe that your ability to pay should not dictate the care you and your family receive. If you or your family members have health needs as the reason for your care, then we would like to hear from you. Our experience shows that in most instances, people have been paying care fees when they should not have.

This led us to start up Care Fees 4U as a dedicated legal service specialising in reclaiming care fees. Our expertise allows you to reclaim the care fees you and your family have paid where Care Fees 4U will take away the stress of getting your money back.

Did you know 3 out of 4 people are wrongly assessed? This means that you could be one of those that may have been wrongly assessed and could be due a REFUND.
Many families have been successful in reclaiming their money back whether a few thousand pounds or a few hundred thousand pounds.
Even if the patient is deceased, families can still bring a claim on behalf of them. The government has set aside millions of pounds to pay for this. This is NOT a claim against the care home and your money will be refunded by the government.
Why not speak to our friendly solicitor today who will be happy to discuss your claim with you and provide a Free consultation. Yes you will not have to pay anything for this consultation, it's totally FREE! Find out today whether you can claim YOUR money back!
Contact us via the submission tab and our solicitor will contact you to discuss your case further from an assessment point of view.
Should our solicitor feel you may be entitled to a refund then you will be asked to provide further details in relation to the persons needs and health.
We can deal with your case on a No Win No Fees basis to reclaim your care fees. This means you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from having your free assessment to see if you are eligible for a REFUND.


stat 1

3 in 4 people are wrongly assessed or have not been assessed at all for NHS Continuing Healthcare needs.

stat 2

Between 30-40,000 homes are needlessly sold each year to pay for the cost of social care fees.

stat 3

Residential care feess average around £29,270 a year and over £39,300 a year for nursing care.

Don't be a statistic, claim back your care fees. Submit form below to get started!

Care Fees 4U Services

Reclaim care fees

We have the expertise to assist you in getting back the care fees you have already paid from April 2012 till now. This could be for yourself or for a family member. We can also assist you in reclaiming fees for a family member who has passed away. Use our contact form to make an enquiry and start the process of getting your money back.

Make a Will

A legal will is one of the most important documents you will make in your life so it is important that you get it right. At Care Fees 4U we only use specialist solicitors to write up your bespoke will tailored to you and your individual circumstances.

Make Power of Attorney

At Care Fees 4U we believe a Power of Attorney is as important as a will. It allows a person you appoint to make decisions on your behalf should you not be able to make decisions for yourself. There are two types of Power of Attorney - Health and Welfare and Finance and Property and at Care Fees 4U we can assist you with both.

Apply to Court of Protections

If you or your loved ones are not able to make decisions for themselves and a Power of Attorney is not in place, then a Deputyship Order from the Court of Protection is required to appoint somebody you trust to be able to make decisions on behalf of your loved ones. At Care Fees 4U we can assist you in your application to the Court of Protection so that you and your family are at ease that your appointed person is making the right decisions for your loved ones.

Arrange Probate

The loss of a friend or a family member is always a stressful time without having to manage the estate of your loved ones. At Care Fees 4U we appreciate this is always a difficult time hence offer you the peace of mind of knowing the management of the estate of your loved one is being taken care of.

Stop paying care fees

Many tens of thousands of people are paying for care fees that they should not be. At Care Fees 4U we can help you to get the right mechanism in place to ensure that you and your family do not have to pay these fees. Over a million homes have needlessly been sold to pay for care and we will strive to ensure you and your family do not have to do so.

Other services

If you require any additional services from Care Fees 4U then we will be eager to assist you. This can be for personal injury claims, making a claim for industrial deafness or debt recovery. Get in touch so that we can discuss your requirements.


Case Studies

Not sure if you can reclaim fees?
See our case studies for common issues faced by our clients and frequently asked questions.

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